If left untreated, hearing loss can negatively impact a person's quality of life and strain relationships with friends and loved ones. At Pearl River Hearing Center, we take the time to make sure each patient is receiving the assistance they need and that they understand their how to maintain and treat their hearing health. We provide our patients with individualized attention to determine the type and degree of their hearing loss, and ensure their success with ongoing care.

• Over 20 plus years providing professional
     and expert hearing  healthcare
•  Convenient location with plenty of parking
•  Exceptional follow up care giving you
     ongoing, personalized service
•  We offer remote hearing care solutions
•  Advanced real ear measurement
     fitting verification
•  FREE* Comprehensive hearing evaluation
•  FREE Demonstration of new technologies
•  FREE* Clean & check for lifetime
     of hearing aids

•  Work with all major manufacturers
      giving you choice
•  Quick repairs and maintenance
•  100% Satisfaction 
•  45 Day Money-back guarantee
•  Payment plans available
•  Independently owned & operated
•  Work with most major insurances
     where applicable

Why Choose Us

Tracy Barber, Hearing Specialist and Hearing Teacher for Pearl River Hearing Center has built a relationship with each one of her patients. As owner and Principal Specialist, she has been caring for her patients’ hearing on a one-to-one basis for over 20 years.

Tracy started as an audiologist in the era of analog hearing aids. She sought out research and helped to implement new ideas, so the practice she worked for could begin the transition to digital.

Tracy is also 12 year hearing aid wearer , so she understands what patients are going through and can speak to their comfort level when they are seeking treatment. In her community, she is the “go-to” audiologist, and she is known as for her care and compassion. She always treats her patients like family.

Technology is constantly evolving and Tracy is always continuing her education on the most advanced hearing solutions available, so she can truly offer patients the best options.


Tracy is a member of the Hearing Loss Association of America, Hearing Health Care Association of New York as well as many local community associations.

In 2007, she became New York State certified to teach hearing aid dispensing.


It is always helpful to bring a family member or trusted friend to your appointment. During your first visit, we will have you fill out some paper work and collect a brief medical history to better understand your overall health and your risk factors (such as a history of noise exposure) that could lead to hearing loss.

An audiometric hearing test will be necessary to determine if you have hearing loss, and if so, to what extent. We will also perform an otoscopic ear examination to check for general ear health. We use a video otoscope, so you will be able to see what we are seeing inside your ear.

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Follow-up care is very important to the ongoing success of a hearing aid fitting. Hearing generally continues to change as we age and this change happens at different degrees and intervals.

Patient care is what sets us apart. It's personal at Pearl River Hearing Center—meaning Tracy Barber will fit your initial hearing device as well as be the one to help you maintain it.

We do not use techs to do follow-up care and ongoing counseling, since Tracy Barber believes she will get to know your needs and she is also interested in making the same device work for you should your needs change.

Your fitting will continue to evolve as your needs change and we believe and it is best that one person follows you consistently.